Máni, Stefán

| 2022

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Detective H. Gr msson is no stranger to death. When he was 19, an avalanche killed his parents and younger siblings. Since then, he has faced death himself many times. To others, Gr msson appears almost as a thing out of some legend: 6'4" tall and built like a wrestler, with a permanent scowl and wiry, rust-colored hair, wearing a long black leather coat that makes him less approachable than the Creature from the Black Lagoon. But he is a city detective, and a damn good one at that, owing much to what he calls his uncanny intuition. However, that's only half the truth of it-detective Gr msson is clairvoyant and frequently sees the grim shadow of death before it approaches. This intimacy of death has saved his skin in the past, but it is not a gift he bears lightly. When it comes to other people and his personal life, Gr msson can be as charming as a troll and as functional as a car with no...

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