Patterson, James

| 2006

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The latest powerful thriller about the FBI agent Alex Cross. Alex has quit his job with the FBI but can't seem to stay away. When a series o f brutal rapes are committed across Washington and none of the victims will talk, Sampson calls on Alex for help. Alex uses all his skills a s a psychologist to persuade one of the women to tell how the attacker scared her into silence. Cross's hunt for the rapist leads him to 'th e Irishman' Michael Sullivan, the deadly hitman from his past, who's r eturned to Washington planning to kill the new mob Don, John Maggione. How many people will meet a gruesome end while the Irishman evades th e FBI, the mob hit team and Alex - still haunted by the loss of his fi rst wife and the unsolved mystery of who killed her?FBI agent Alex Cro ss is on vacation when he gets a call from the Director. An actress ha s been shot outside her home in Beverly Hills. Afterward,...

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