Conscious Evolution: How to Embrace Our Challenges and Opportunities in a New Era for Humanity

Tolle, Eckhart

| 2022

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Discover how the global perils we face serve as catalysts for the realization of a deeper intelligence that holds the key to our future. Looking at the state of the world, it's easy to despair for our future. Yet according to Eckhart Tolle, "Life has to become difficult for evolution to happen. This is an evolutionary principle hiding behind today's crises that operates everywhere and on every level." In Conscious Evolution, Tolle leads us in exploring how the issues confronting us individually and collectively can initiate the leap that will save our species. As Tolle explains, humanity now finds itself in a transitional stage. We are beginning to see that we can't "think harder" to solve our problems. Instead, we must return to conscious Being, giving us access to a deeper intelligence than the conceptual mind that has led to our challenges in the first place. In Conscious...

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