Koontz, Dean

| 1991

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'There is an Enemy. It is coming. It is relentless.' Schoolteacher Jim Ironheart flies on an impulse to Portland, Oregon. There he risks his life to save a child from being killed. Reporter Holly Thorne witnesses his heroism, and is impressed by his self-effacement when he declines to be interviewed. Burnt out, cynical, and looking for a life beyond journalism, Holly finds her newshound's instincts rekindled when she discovers Jim has quietly performed twelve last-minute rescues in twelve far-flung places over the past four months. Realising she is on to the biggest story of her life, Holly traces Jim to California. He insists he is not a psychic; he simply believes God is working through him. Holly thinks his explanation is too easy, that there is no wonder in life, no great mystery. She is dead wrong. For she and Jim are soon plunged into a dark sea of wonder, mystery - and stark...

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Kamali 



Det här var min första Koontz och det är ett under att han fick en andra chans, vilket jag ändå är glad över såhär i efterhand. Men den här boken är riktigt konstig och faktiskt hemskt dålig.

Liam Olsson



En av Koontz sämsta! Krystad och konstig.