Codex 1962: A Trilogy


| 2018

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Spanning eras, continents, and genres, CoDex 1962--twenty years in the making--is Sj n's epic three-part masterpiece Over the course of four dazzling novels translated into dozens of languages, Sj n has earned a global reputation as one of the world's most interesting writers. But what the world has never been able to read is his great trilogy of novels, known collectively as CoDex 1962--now finally complete. Josef L we, the narrator, was born in 1962--the same year, the same moment even, as Sj n. Josef's story, however, stretches back decades in the form of Leo L we--a Jewish fugitive during World War II who has an affair with a maid in a German inn; together, they form a baby from a piece of clay. If the first volume is a love story, the second is a crime story: L we arrives in Iceland with the clay-baby inside a hatbox, only to be embroiled in a murder mystery--but...

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