Weldon, Fay

| 1993

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An astonishing novel that probes into the strange world of genetic engineering. Joanna May thought herself unique, indivisible ? until one day, to her hideous shock, she discovered herself to be five: though childless she was a mother; though an only child she was surrounded by sisters young enough to be her daughers ? Jane, Julie, Gina and Alice, the clones of Joanna May. How will they withstand the shock of first meeting? And what of the avenging Carl, Joanna?s former husband and the clones? creator: will he take revenge for his wife?s infidelity and destroy her sisters one by one? In this astonishing novel, Fay Weldon weaves a web of paradox quite awesome in its cunning. Probing into the strange world of genetic engineering, The Cloning of Joanna May raises frightening questions about our identity as individuals ? and provides some startling answers....

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