Kaysen, Susanna

| 2014

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" It was probably because I was so often taken away from Cambridge when I was young that I loved it as much as I did . . . " So begins this novel-from-life by the best-selling author of "Girl, Interrupted, " an exploration of memory and nostalgia set in the 1950s among the academics and artists of Cambridge, Massachusetts. London, Florence, Athens: Susanna, the precocious narrator of "Cambridge, " would rather be home than in any of these places. Uprooted from the streets around Harvard Square, she feels lost and excluded in all the locations to which her father s career takes the family. She comes home with relief but soon enough wonders if outsiderness may be her permanent condition. Written with a sharp eye for the pretensions and charms of the intellectual classes, "Cambridge" captures the mores of an era now past, the ordinary lives of extraordinary people in a singular part of...

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