Calculus:A Complete Course

Adams, Robert

| 2002

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Adams' "Calculus" is aimed at the upper end of the three semester calculus course. Classroom proven in North America and abroad, this classic text has been praised for its high level of mathematical integrity including complete and precise statements of theorems, use of geometric reasoning in applied problems, and the diverse range of applications across the sciences. The Fifth Edition features the inclusion of numerous Maple examples throughout the text as well as more integrated coverage of differential equations. Contents Preface. Preliminaries. 1. Limits and Continuity. 2. Differentiation. 3.Transcendental Functions. 4. Some Applications of Derivatives. 5. Integration. 6. Techniques of Integration. 7. Applications of Integration. 8. Conics, Parametric Curves, and Polar Curves. 9. Sequences,...

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