Blue Suede Clues: A Murder Mystery Featuring Elvis Presley

Klein, Daniel

| 2002

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"Nineteen sixty-three. Elvis Presley has just completed filming Kissin' Cousins, a hillbilly romantic comedy of which he is instantly ashamed. His romance with Ann-Margret has just become public knowledge, and Priscilla is on the warpath. It is a critical period for Elvis, a time in which he must sort out his own contradictory feelings and make life-changing choices." "Against this backdrop, one "Squirm" Littlejon, an old army friend, contacts Elvis. Littlejon is serving life in a California penitentiary for the murder of a young actress on the MGM lot, and he insists he was framed. Elvis figures that taking the case is just what he needs to escape all those people making demands of him, both professionally and romantically." "So begins a fast-paced mystery train ride that takes Elvis from the weird world of movie stuntmen to a groundbreaking genetics laboratory in Mexico. His sidekick on...

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