Blade Runner

Dick, Philip K.

| 1994

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Philip Stenström



Once again I find myself reading 'Do androids dream of electric sheep' and just like last time I'm amazed and stunned by the visionary and imaginative mind of the legendary sci-fi writer, Philip K. Dick. In a nearby future, post World War Terminus, androids from off world colonies have become a iminent problem for earth and its remaining inhabitants. Also, with the lack off life, animals have become the ultimate status symbol of wealth and well-being. In the endeavour to be able to distinguish human from synthetics a special departement is developed to search and "retire" - erase, androids. As the story develops, Rick Deckard, a well-experienced bounty hunter, is ordered to "retire" 6 androids, in one day. To be able to afford a live animal, Deckard accepts the mission that might well be his last. But in a world where life is the ultimate symbol, this suicide mission is easily accepted for a man without empathy to androids. By the brilliant mind of Philip K. Dick, a whole new world of sci-fi is presented in this novel. The story of Deckard and his life is portrayed in a way that is inexplicably great beyond any mind, except the one of Dick. This novel suprises me every time I read it and it will continue to surprise future readers.

Liza Bolin



Knepig och mycket underhållande samhällskritik i framtiden. Tappar farten lite framåt slutet.

Erik Hoff



haha ja, filmen är knappt lik boken, vilket var mitt problem när jag läste boken. Filmen är enligt min mening en av de tio bästa filmer någonsin och boken blev något av en besvikelse.

Jakob Bengtsson



Har du bara sett filmen kan du ju inte sätta betyg på filmen! De är ju helt annorlunda!