Bergdorf Blondes

Sykes, Plum

| 2004

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If you think a Brazilian is a foreigner, that PJ's are pyjamas, and that Beyond is somewhere far away, then you have never met a Bergdorf Blonde. Welcome to the glamorous world of the Park Avenue Princesses, girls who careen through New York in search of the perfect fake tan, a ride on a private jet and the ever elusive fiancé. Can our heroine ever find happiness in a city packed with the distractions of heiresses, dermatologists, Front Row Girls, stalkers, eyebrow waxes, premieres and benefits (charity, that is)? What is she to do when her engagement falls apart? It may be tres chic to be neurotic in New York, but no one wants a total Shame Attack. By the end of this effervescent novel our heroine has realised that life isn't all Bellinis and ball gowns; maybe it's more like Fargo than High Society ("God, I hope not though, I mean I couldn't cope with all that snow and those bad clothes...

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Ju mer jag tänker på den här boken, desto mer framstår den som ren och skär dynga.


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