Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody

Gerber, Michael

| 2002

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WARNING: THIS ISN'T THE REAL THING...IT'S FUNNIER! "Stop that movie," Headmaster Alpo Bumblemore said, "or Hogwash is history!" Already overrun by brawling, fetid fans of the bestselling Barry Trotter books, Hogwash is certain to be pulled down brick by brick after Barry's new big-budget biopic debuts. So Barry Trotter, Ermine Cringer, and Lon Measly are hauled out of retirement to face their toughest challenge yet. Not only do the twenty-two-year-olds have to elude packs of rabid fans, outwit Barry's sponging godfather Serious, and vanquish their old foe Lord Valumart, they have to face the most powerful enemy of all: Hollywood!

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Angelika G



Dålig humör i nivån av lågstadiet som var helt okej första 20 sidor men blev bara överdriven till slut. Hade väldigt svårt att avsluta boken.