Arcanum 17: With Apertures

Breton, André

| 2004

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Considered radical at the time, today Breton's ideas seem almost prescient, yet breathtaking in their passionate underlying belief in the indestructibility of life and the freedom of the human spirit. Andre Breton wrote "Arcanum 17" during a trip to the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec in the months after D-Day in 1944, when the Allied troops were liberating Occupied Europe. Using the huge Perce Rock-its impermanence, its slow-motion crumbling, its singular beauty-as his central metaphor, Breton considers issues of love and loss, aggression and war, pacifism, feminism and the occult, in a book that is part prose and part poetry, part reality and part dream."Translator Zack Rogow won the PEN-Book-of-the-Month Translation Prize for his co-translation of Breton's "Earthlight."

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