Answer me

Tamaro, Susanna

| 2002

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'I kill you in order that I may live. I kill you in order that I may possess. I kill you in order that I may be free of you.' Thus the protagonist Rosa muses on a bitter winter night, alone and confused as she faces the most difficult decision of her young life. These three novellas explore similar dilemmas. Are we, the protagonists ask, damned or are we capable of salvation? Can we exist in a world dominated by greed and envy? This is a book about the nature of evil, the struggle to live without fear and the search for love.

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Jag läste denna i svensk översättning (hette då Svara mig) och drogs in i de tre olika berättelser som boken är uppbyggd av. Jag kan inte precisera vad jag gillade, men den här boken har något som berör.