An Island of Fifty

Brooks, Ben

| 2010

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Fiction. "AN ISLAND OF FIFTY is a new literary bomb, resulting in the shrapnel of gold, ships, ocean, chandeliers, dreams, blood, and flame. Old and stale literature won't know what just hit. This is something new masking itself in the old and I'm so so so excited" Shane Jones. "Ben Brooks is popping quarks with AN ISLAND OF FIFTY, spilling new flavors of literature on the swampy bookstacks of old. Call it new political, new ecological, new sociological, new poetic activism, or even new imaginary creationism. This book builds up to tear down and tears down to build up. Desire as melancholia, progress as slippage, and wanting for wanting's sake. The floodgates crumble. I relish the shape of this new wordspace, the play of noise and whisper, the unfamiliar voices, and the ache of nihilism paradoxically juxtaposed with the gleam of hopeful invention" Christopher Higgs."

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