Alfred and Emily

Lessing, Doris

| 1900

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The first book after Doris' Nobel Prize takes her back to her childhood in Southern Africa and the lives, both fictional and factual, that her parents lead. 'I think my father's rage at the trenches took me over, when I was very young, and has never left me. Do children feel their parents' emotions? Yes, we do, and it is a legacy I could have done without. What is the use of it? It is as if that old war is in my own memory, my own consciousness.' In this extraordinary book, the new Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing explores the lives of her parents, both of them irrevocably damaged by the Great War. Her father wanted the simple life of an English farmer, but shrapnel almost killed him in the trenches, and thereafter he had to wear a wooden leg. Her mother Emily's great love was a doctor, who drowned in the Channel, and she spent the war nursing the wounded in the Royal Free Hospital. In the first...

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Merja A



En tvådelad bok om Lessings föräldrar.
I första kortare delen är allting påhittat, Doris Lessing ger föräldrarna ett"bättre" liv med andra möjligheter.
Sedan skildras verkligheten och det koloniala livet i Sydrhodesia.
Lessing som är en av mina favoritförfattare har skrivit en fängslande roman/biografi.


Emilia S



Fin berättelse om Doris Lessings föräldrar. Dessutom ett intressant tankeexperiment. Vad hade hänt om första världskriget aldrig hade inträffat? Som här i Sverige ungefär...