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Leon, Donna

| 2009

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In his eighteenth case, Leon?s Venetian commissario Guido Brunetti once again puts human feeling before the need to close cases. And, as always, there are multiple cases to close (or not), each rippling out in many directions, pushing at the lives of both innocent and guilty. It begins with a dinner party at which Brunetti meets a charming and beautiful woman (though, apparently, with a weakness for plastic surgery) who wants to talk about classical Italian literature. Brunetti is taken by the contradiction, a plastic face shielding a scholar?s mind, and finds himself intrigued by the woman?s past?conveniently so, it turns out, when his wife?s father asks him to make inquiries about the woman?s husband, a potential business partner. Meanwhile, a carabiniere investigator needs Brunetti?s help in a case involving the illegal hauling of garbage. Soon the investigator is dead, and Brunetti...

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Solveig Andersson



Superb deckare med kultur, spänning, maffia och vardag, Brunetti med familjeliv, makan Paola. Lysande kriminalhistoria, som vanligt med Leon. Läs den!


Ewa H



Trevlig lagom-deckare. Inte så rafflande, men intressanta inblickar i italienskt samhällsliv... Och Brunettis familjeliv är en tillgång, särskilt hustru Paola.

Kristina Wiklundh



Inte en av Leons bästa.