A Spectre, Haunting

Miéville, China

| 2023

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China Miéville's brilliant reading of the modern world's most controversial and enduring political document: The Communist Manifesto. 'Read this and be dazzled by its contemporaneity' Mike Davis 'A rich, luminous reflection of and on a light that never quite goes out' Andreas Malm 'Reading with [Miéville] today sharpens our senses to contemporary internationalist movements from below' Ruth Wilson Gilmore '[Written] with diligence and a ruthlessly critical eye worthy of Marx himself' Sarah Jaffe 'It's thrilling to accompany Miéville... as he wrestles ? in critical good faith and incandescent commitment ? with a manifesto that still calls on us to build a new world' Naomi KleinIn 1848 a strange political tract was published by two German émigrés. Marx and Engles's apocalyptic vision of an insatiable system, which penetrates every corner of the globe, reduces...

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