A Song for Arbonne

Kay, Guy Gavriel

| 2001

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From the renowned author of Children of Earth and Sky, Tigana, and The Lions of Al-Rassan For the Northern mercenary called Blaise, it began with the death of a king and betrayal in the form of a peace treaty. Wandering in self-imposed exile, he would journey to the Kingdom of Arbonne, where the Court of Love made warriors bow to troubadours, and a well-sung ballad was valued as highly as a skillfully swung sword. But Arbonne was a troubled realm, torn by an ancient feud between its two most powerful dukes and coveted as a prize by the land in which Blaise himself had grown to manhood. And no one--except perhaps Arbonne's goddess--could forsee that one Northern mercenary might become the key to Arbonne's destiny....

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