A Bible-Based Chronology from the Creation to the Second Advent of Jesus Christ


| 2018

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The Scriptures reveal that when we enter the latter days, we'll find ourselves in an increasingly chaotic world where godlessness and lawlessness rule the day. During this time, God's word will be neglected and twisted for self-serving agendas; truth will become subjective and relative; and entertainment, idolatry, liturgy, and rituals will replace the Lord Jesus from being the central focus of worship in mainline churches. In this Bible-based chronology, the author examines where we are on God's timeline, and more importantly, why it's not too late to benefit from God's incredible message of creation, redemption, and eternal life. Importantly, for these end-times, the Bible contains an amazingly accurate timeline dating from the Creation to the Second Coming. It's been intentionally hidden, but specific windows of time highlight the latter days. Celebrate God's imminent return...

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